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Water and Gas Line Installation Services for Gainesville, GA

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You might never give a second thought to your water or gas line unless the toilet water looks brown or the pipes start hissing. But when these
problems occur, Billy Bell Plumbing can help.

Water Lines

What is a water line? Your water line brings clean, fresh water straight to your toilet, faucet, or shower. Is your water pressure off in your shower? Is there not enough water coming into your toilet after you flush? You might have an issue with your water line.

Billy Bell Plumbing provides quick, experienced water line repair. Using the latest technology with minimum impact to your property, we can inspect, evaluate, and fix your water line without delay.

Water lines can be difficult to work with because of their underground location, but Billy Bell Plumbing has the tools to provide you water line installation services with minimum mess and quick turnaround time. We have over 50 years of experience, but we always embrace new technology. We combine expertise with innovation to provide you the best service.

Sewer Lines

A sewer line can become damaged from poor maintenance, weather, or age. If so, you might notice strange smells or noises from your pipes. Billy Bell Plumbing will inspect the problem, recommend a solution, and use the latest technology, such as pipe relining, to shore up your sewer line against further issues.

Gas Lines

A gas line is crucial to a warm home. Whether you need a gas line for your new house or a replacement for a damaged gas line, Billy Bell Plumbing is on the job. We are experts in installing appliances the gas line heats as well, such as gas logs, gas stoves, and gas unit heaters.

Leaking gas from your gas line is a serious issue. Is there a hissing noise or rotten egg smell coming from your pipes? Your gas line might have a
problem. Before anything else, you need to open all your home's windows and leave the house immediately. Then you need to call Billy Bell Plumbing to inspect and fix your gas line as quickly as possible.

The pipes surrounding your home supply valuable services, such as water dispersal and heating. But when your pipes become damaged, you need
an expert's touch to repair, replace, and install both water and gas lines. For quality service in Gainsville, GA, contact Billy Bell Plumbing at 770-536-5083.
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